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Paul Ramsay, long time owner of Nottoway Plantation & Resort, has died at the age of 78. The billionaire health-care provider started his business with a single psychiatric institution in Australia and built it into a network of 150 hospitals in Australia, the U.K., France, Indonesia and Malaysia. Mr. Ramsay passed away overnight on May 1, 2014 in his Australian hometown of Bowral in New South Wales state, after recently suffering a heart attack while vacationing in Spain, Neil Castaldi, Managing Partner of Nottoway, said in a statement.

Mr. Ramsay purchased Nottoway Plantation in 1985 and held on to it even after many years of very difficult economic conditions. With his typical and legendary optimism regarding Louisiana's future, he poured more than $15 million into an extensive renovation of the original Mansion in 2009. He then expanded multiple areas of the 35 acre-site, transforming what was once an old Louisiana Plantation into a preeminent conference and wedding resort. Mr. Ramsay accomplished all of this while Louisiana was still reeling from several devastating blows; the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Gustaf, followed by the catastrophic effects of the BP oil spill, took an immeasurable toll on the state's tourism industry.

"Mr. Ramsay conducted his business as he lived his life, with never a cross word or a raised voice," Castaldi says. "He was a great builder and had a very big heart, with an enthusiasm and zest for life that were infectious. He loved people and he loved life. His businesses were like families to him, and he achieved amazing results in every one of his global holdings.”

Nottoway Plantation & Resort, located in White Castle, LA, will continue to operate and grow, guided by Mr. Ramsay's long-term vision of turning the property into the South’s premier destination.

Single with no children, Mr. Ramsay directed the bulk of his $3.5 billion dollar estate be transferred to the Paul Ramsay Foundation, which will become one of the wealthiest charities in the country. Philanthropy Australia chief executive Louise Walsh said the size of the donation was unprecedented.

"It's absolutely the biggest gift we've heard of, we're not aware of a foundation that's anywhere near that scale in Australia," she said.

A memorial service honoring the legacy of Paul Ramsay was held at Nottoway on Sunday, May 18th.





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